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How do I find a Census tract code for a specific street address?
The Census Bureau offers an ... (more)

American FactFinder: How do I cite tables and maps in American FactFinder?
Dynamically generated tables, maps, and files from American FactFinder:(Use semicolons to separa... (more)

What is the difference between EAR99 and NLR?
EAR99 is a classification for an item. It indicates that a particular item is subject to the Export Administration Re... (more)

Someone came to my home to interview me for the ACS. Is this legitimate?
If someone has contacted you about the ... (more)

Does the Census Bureau have data for religion?
The Census Bureau conducted censuses of religious bodies at 10-year intervals from 1906 through 1936. The results wer... (more)

I am using the American Community Survey (ACS) Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) data, and I see a geograp...
Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) are non-overlapping areas that partition each state into areas containing about 10... (more)

Why am I receiving phone calls from the U.S. Census Bureau about the ACS?
Our telephone representatives attempt to call households to collect important survey information. If someone has cont... (more)

Where can I find historical census data on the population?
In addition to our Selected Historical ... (more)

American FactFinder: What are the limits for downloading tables?
Download from Search Results (without viewing table): Up to 10 tables at one t... (more)

How many people reside in urban or rural areas for the 2010 Census? What percentage of the U.S. population ...
The urban areas of the United States for the 2010 Census contain ... (more)

Does the U.S. Census Bureau provide any data by first names and surnames?
The Census Bureau provides first and surname data that may be... (more)

Can I complete the ACS online?
In most instances, yes. If you received a letter or postcard inviting you to complete the American Community Survey o... (more)

What data can I get for ZIP Code Tabulation Areas?
You can get population and housing data for ... (more)

American FactFinder: How do I find all the Census Tracts in a Place?
Select Advanced Search. Click the Geographies button located below Topics (left side of pa... (more)

How do I find my import commodity code? How do I find my Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number?
The United States International Trade Commission allows you to ... (more)

Why does the ACS ask for my name and my telephone number?
The American Community Survey (ACS) asks for individuals' names for two reasons.  First, we have found over many... (more)

I forgot my ACS PIN.
When you access the American Community Survey onl... (more)

What if I don't know the exact answer to an ACS question?
On the American Community Survey (ACS), if no one in your household knows the answer to a question, and the informati... (more)

American FactFinder: How do I find the population of my city, town, county, or state?
From the Main Page ( Enter the name of your state, county, city, town, ... (more)

Why was my address selected for the ACS?
Addresses selected for the American Community Survey (ACS) come from the Census Bureau’s Master Address File (MAF). T... (more)

What is the difference between establishment and firm? What about companies?
These are terms used in our economic census and survey activities. ... (more)

How do I determine if my geographic area of interest is urban or rural?
In March 2012, the Census Bureau released the list of Urban Areas and their boundaries, based o... (more)

What does the U.S. Census Bureau produce by race and Hispanic origin?
U.S. federal government agencies must adhere to st... (more)

What is the American Community Survey (ACS)?
The ACS is a legitimate survey that is part of the Decennial Census Program.  It is a survey sent to a small per... (more)

1940 Census Records
Please refer to the following resources regarding the 1940 Census. ... (more)

How can I get permission to use or publish census data?
Copyright protection is not available for any work of the United States Government (Title 17 U.S.C., Section 105). ... (more)

How do I find statistics on beverage consumption in the U.S.?
The U.S. Census Bureau does not collect data on beverage consumption; however, information on the topic can be found ... (more)

Can you explain how American Community Survey (ACS) tables are numbered? For example, what do the letters a...
Since the release of the 2005 American Community Survey (ACS) data, detailed tables, as well as other tables and maps... (more)

How can I be sure my information is really going to the Census Bureau and not some third party?
Our secure server uses a digital certificate (digital ID) issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) as proof of identity... (more)

I am concerned about identity theft. How does the Census Bureau protect my ACS information?
We understand concerns about identity theft and privacy. We will ensure that only authorized persons with a work-rela... (more)

Why does the ACS ask such detailed questions?
We ask these questions because federal and state government require the data that we collect to manage or evaluate pr... (more)

Do you have data by single year of age?
Yes, the U.S. Census Bureau produces data by single year of age: The U.S. Census Bureau... (more)

How can I find the latitude and longitude of areas such as census tracts?
The Census Bureau’s Gazetteer Fi... (more)

 In the United States Constitution, the census is required for the apportionment of representatives; w...
The United States Constitution states that "[An] Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting... (more)

Does the U.S. Census Bureau provide data on poverty?
Our web site on Poverty provides data links to... (more)

Why is the ACS information addressed to resident and not to me?
The American Community Survey (ACS) information is mailed to addresses, rather than to individuals, throughout the count... (more)

Can the U.S. Census Bureau help me find information about my family's history?
Although censuses are a source of genealogical information, the Census Bureau does not provide these data nor can we ... (more)

Who is the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI)?
The person in the United States (U.S.) that receives the primary benefit monetary or otherwise of the export transact... (more)

Can someone help me find my Schedule B number?
Here are three options:Call the ... (more)

I don't know which of the Census 2000 summary files I need. What are the differences?
The four summary files below for Census 2000 are among the most detailed data products available from the popula... (more)

Can I get detailed import and export data?
The Foreign Trade Division provides a broad range of comprehensive foreign trade statistics that are available on a m... (more)

How can I identify all census tracts within a ZIP code or ZCTA?
For Census 2000, we did not tabulate data by U.S. Postal Service ZIP Code. Instead the Census Bureau created a new stati... (more)

My living room and kitchen are in one big room. How do I count the number of rooms on the ACS?
When counting the number of rooms in a home for the American Community Survey (ACS), please count rooms separated by ... (more)

Can you tell me more about group quarters (GQ) or group housing facilities in the American Community Survey...
Group Quarters (GQ) are places where people live or stay, in a group living arrangement, which is owned or managed by... (more)

When will data from the 2010 census be available?
The apportionment counts will be delivered to the President within nine months of Census Day (on or before December 3... (more)

What is the difference between poverty thresholds and guidelines?
Poverty thresholds are the dollar amounts used by the U.S. Census Bureau to determine poverty status.  Each pers... (more)

How do I classify my product, locate the HS number and export commodity code for the Schedule B?
For help with import classification, you must contact your l... (more)

Can I generate my own custom tables from the U.S. Census Bureau site?
The Census Bureau provides several ... (more)