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What is the difference between EAR99 and NLR?
EAR99 is a classification for an item. It indicates that a particular item is subject to the Export Administration Re... (more)

How do I find my import commodity code? How do I find my Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number?
The United States International Trade Commission allows you to ... (more)

What is the Internal Transaction Number?
  The Internal Transaction Number (ITN) is a unique transaction reference number that AES provides to in... (more)

Who is the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI)?
The person in the United States (U.S.) that receives the primary benefit monetary or otherwise of the export transact... (more)

Can I get detailed import and export data?
The Foreign Trade Division provides a broad range of comprehensive foreign trade statistics that are available on a m... (more)

Can someone help me find my Schedule B number?
Here are three options:Call the ... (more)

How do I classify my product, locate the HS number and export commodity code for the Schedule B?
For help with import classification, you must contact your l... (more)

How do I use the Foreign Trade DropBox (FTD)?
What is the FTD DropBox? ... (more)

What is the Automated Export System (AES) filing process?
  The Summarized AES Filing Proces... (more)

I forgot to file the Electronic Export Information (EEI) for an export shipment that has already ...
... (more)

How do I get started on AES or AESDirect?
To get started in AES or AESDirect you can do one of the following: You may file Shipper E... (more)

How do I get trade information (imports and exports) on a specific product?
In order to get trade information, you need to be able to correctly classify your product.  There are many ways ... (more)

What are the responsibilities of the freight forwarders in an export transaction?
Freight forwarders are responsible for: Preparing the EEI (Electronic Export Information) recor... (more)

When I'm shipping something out of the U.S., do I need to know my Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)?
When exporting commodities out of the United States (or releasing technology or source code to a foreign national in ... (more)

What are the responsibilities of the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) in a routed export transaction?
They are responsible for the following: Provide basic commodity information to the forwarding o... (more)

What is the format for the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)?
ECCN stands for Export Control Classification Number. An ECCN is an alphanumeric classification used in the Commerce ... (more)

I have some questions about the Schedule B, do you have a web site of frequently asked questions on this to...
Questions can be found at the Answer Center and also at the ... (more)

Does the U.S. Bureau of the Census provide information on what specific companies are importing and exporting?
No. All data that are collected by the Census Bureau are considered private and confidential. ... (more)

How do I request the creation of a new classification code?
Recommendations for revisions to existing classifications or for the establishment of new classifications should be a... (more)

How do I download AESPcLink?
AESPclink is free software based on AESDirect. AESDirect is a service provided by the U. S. Census Bureau to fac... (more)

When is an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) required with Electronic Export Information (EE...
You must enter the correct ECCN on the EEI record for licensed and license exception shipments, and for "no license r... (more)

What is the format for the AES Proof of Filing Citation?
The formats for the AES Proof of Filing Citations are as follows. If you are filing Predepartur... (more)

Who can't be a USPPI?
This question is currently being updated to reflect the Mandatory AES regulations.  Until the update is posted, ... (more)

Do I have to file corrections for AES shipments?
This question is currently being updated to reflect the Mandatory AES regulations.  Until the update is posted, ... (more)

How do I know if my Electronic Export Information (EEI)  has been processed?
After you submit your EEI, you will receive one of two responses from AES that indicates the status of your EEI. ... (more)

What are the types of responses my shipment may receive from the Automated Export System (AES)?
AES will send one of the following messages in response to your filing: "Shipment Added" - Your... (more)

What are the restricted countries where I may not sell my goods?
You cannot think only of "restricted countries" because some of our export controls apply worldwide. Where you may or... (more)

What is an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and how do I get one?
The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is issued by the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) for shipments ... (more)

How do I reactivate my AESDirect account?
You will need to reactivate your AESDirect account if you previously requested the account be deactivated or if it wa... (more)

How do I find out about duties and taxes for exporting to certain countries?
The Department of Commerce Trade Information Center can assist you with obtaining this information. The Center can be... (more)

What are the responsibilities of the U.S. principal party in interest (USPPI) in an export transaction?
This question is currently being updated to reflect the Mandatory AES regulations.  Until the update is posted, ... (more)

How do I "browse" the Schedule B code if not found in the the search engine?
Follow these steps to browse the Schedule B: From the ... (more)

What is the U.S.-Canada Data Exchange?
In order to increase the quality of trade data, the United States and Canada agreed to exchange trade data. Beca... (more)

Can someone help me find my HS number and/or Schedule B number? Whom can I contact with questions abou...
Call the Commodity Analysis Branch at 800... (more)

Is there a FAQ web site for Trade Information Center?
In addition to questions at the Answer Center , there is a web site for ... (more)

Where can I obtain the AESDirect User Guide?
You can download the AESDirect User Guide from the Internet... (more)

How much will AES cost me for software, hardware and everything?
The Automated Export System (AES) is an electronic method to submit export documentation. The cost will vary ... (more)

I have some questions about the Automatic Export System (AES) Compliance Conference seminars and ...
What is the course overview? On the first day of the Automatic Export System (AES) Compliance Conf... (more)

How do I purchase the Schedule B?
The CD-ROM, U.S. Exports Commodity Classification... (more)

Where can I get a copy of the Commerce Control List?
You can find the Commerce Control List (CCL) online.  The Alphabetical Index to the Commerce Control Lis... (more)

How do I find out what the tariffs are to export a product to another country?
Contact the International Trade Administration (ITA), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, at  (202) 48... (more)

Do you have data on the North American Free Trade Agreement?
We publish different types of data on NAFTA. Specifically, our Foreign Trade Division publishes ... (more)

How do I reset my AESDirect password or administrator code?
To reset your AESDirect password or administrator code, fax a request on company letterhead to AESDirect at (301) 562... (more)

What should I do if my AESDirect username and/or password do not work?
If your AESDirect username and/or password do not work, make sure you are entering your username and password correct... (more)

What types of training courses and materials are offered for AESDirect and AESPcLink?
You can receive training using a variety of methods: AESDirect Tutorial - Found under the "Need... (more)

What are the AES Downtime Guidelines?  What do I do if AES goes down? My computer is down and I cannot...
This question is currently being updated to reflect the Mandatory AES regulations.  Until the update is posted, ... (more)

How do I import an ASCII delimited file into a spreadsheet?
The procedure to import an ASCII delimited ... (more)

Is AES the reason behind why we exporters are starting to receive letters from our sea carriers? Is it driv...
This question is currently being updated to reflect the Mandatory AES regulations.  Until the update is posted, ... (more)

How do I find reference codes to use in the Automated Export System (AES)?
This question is currently being updated to reflect the Mandatory AES regulations.  Until the update is posted, ... (more)

My e-mail response address in AESDirect and AESPcLink shipments defaults to the Account Administrators emai...
The default email address is the Account Administrator's registered email address. To Change the Default Ema... (more)

What should I do if I do not receive an AES response for an SED that I submitted?
This question is currently being updated to reflect the Mandatory AES regulations.  Until the update is posted, ... (more)

How can I export data from a PDF document to my spreadsheet?
Not easily. Full versions of Acrobat have a text selection tool (big T) that allows export of text. In exporting tables,... (more)

How do I change the Account Administrator on my AESDirect account?
To change your AESDirect account administrator, please fax a request on your company's letterhead to AESDirect to (30... (more)

How do I know if my software has encryption capability?  Why is this important?
Many common software products have encryption capability which subjects them to special export controls.Internet soft... (more)

Do you have data on U.S. International Trade in Goods & Services (a.k.a. the FT900 report)?
Information on the "trade balance" is published in the FT-900 report (also known as the "U.S. International Trade in ... (more)

How do I know when a conditional (blue field) is required?
All the conditions for the blue fields are explained in the Help Screen. To Access the Help Screen: ... (more)

Does the Census Bureau have any faqs/questions on the 508 Acquisition process?
Yes, 508 Acquisition frequently asked questions... (more)

How much time will I have to become compliant with the new Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR)?
The requirements under the new FTR are effective July 2, 2008, 30 days after the publication date. The effective date... (more)

What can I do with a trade data file where the values are separated by commas? 
The comma delimited file is designed to be imported into a database or a spreadsheet. Quotes (") are placed... (more)

Does the FTD DropBox work best with specific web browsers?
In our experience, the FTD DropBox  wo... (more)

How do I disable my AESDirect account?
If your company is no longer exporting or is out of business,  you will need to disable your AESDirect account.... (more)

When I hit the "Retrieve This File" buttton while downloading my file from the FTD Drop Box, the screen say...
The statement "Too Many Unsuccessful Attempts" means that there has been three or more incorrect file names... (more)

How secure are my transmissions to AES? What about Internet filing to AES?
The Automated Export System (AES) accepts transmissions in several Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats over sec... (more)

Can my username and password for AESDirect be used with AESPcLink?
Yes. AESPcLink is a software version of the AESDirect website that allows you to complete your Shipper's Export Infor... (more)

My Selected Commodity Service subscription file has been downloaded from the FTD Drop Box and is on the scr...
The Selected Commodity Service subscription appears in either one of two data files "Report Format," or "ASCII Deli... (more)