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Survey of Business Owners: Who was eligible to receive the Survey of Business Owners?

Businesses were eligible to be selected for this survey if they reported any business activity on any one of the following 2007 Internal Revenue Service tax forms:  
  • Form 1040 (Schedule C), "Profit or Loss from Business" (Sole Proprietorship).  Many self-employed individuals do not consider the activity reported on their Schedule C to be an actual business (for example, babysitter, sales representative, construction contractor, real estate agent, and so forth).  Any activity reported on Form 1040 (Schedule C) meets the definition of a business for purposes of this survey.

  • Form 1065, "U.S. Return of Partnership Income"

  • All 1120 Corporation Tax forms

  • Form 941, "Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return"

  • Form 944, "Employer's Annual Federal Tax Return"


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