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Survey of Business Owners: What existing data can I get from the Survey of Business Owners (SBO) and/or the Economic Census?

You can use the following Census Bureau websites to access the SBO and the Economic Census results:

Survey of Business Owners (SBO)

  • Gender, ethnicity, race, and veteran status
  • Geography (U.S., states, metropolitan areas, counties, and places)
  • Industry (2- through 6-digit NAICS for selected geographies)
  • Receipts size of firm
  • Employment size of firm

Economic Census website contains:

  • Complete details about the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and other topics
  • Geographic profiles and complete reports from the Economic Census

American FactFinder

  • Detailed statistics from the Economic Census and Surveys
  • Data sets by geography, industry/product, or data item


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