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Where can I find totals across all industries, not just sector-by-sector totals?

Varying in methodology, there are several different sources to get cross-industry totals.

  • County Business Patterns include an industry total of employer establishments. Relative to the economic census, there are modest differences in coverage. For industry coverage, see methodology for County Business Patterns and the 2007 Economic Census User Guide. Industry totals for nonemployer establishments are available from Nonemployer Statistics.

  • The Survey of Business Owners, and the prior surveys of minority- and women-owned business enterprises include a "Universe (All Firms)" line that includes sales, payroll and employment figures generally comparable to economic census breakdowns by sector. These figures won't match exactly the sum of the 18 sectors because of slight differences in coverage.

  • The Survey of U.S. Businesses includes data on number of firms, number of establishments, employment, and annual payroll. The data are tabulated by geographic area, industry, and enterprise employment size.

  • The Economy-Wide Key Statistics table in American FactFinder includes nonemployer establishment data. For prior census years, nonemployer data were only available in separate Nonemployer tables.


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