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Where can I find rankings showing the largest states in each industry or counties in each state?

American FactFinder allows you to sort output, and thus introduce ranking in any table. Once you have the industry and geographic areas you want (e.g., all states, or all counties within a state), you can "Sort" the rows by any data variable. For an example, see the "Sorting Rows" section in the Using American FactFinder Guide.

Note:  Because some figures are suppressed to avoid disclosure of confidential information, you can't always assume that the geographic area with the highest published figure is in fact the largest. You must always consider that the suppressed figures may be larger than one or more of the figures that are shown.  For example, in a ranking of NAICS 713210, Casinos (except casino hotels), several important states are listed at the bottom because their sales are "D". However, even when the sales, payroll and number of employees are suppressed, the number of establishments and an employment size range are shown. Michigan has between 5,000 and 9,999 employees, possibly more employees than most other states shown on the chart.

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