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Can I get industry data for census tracts, block groups, townships, American Indian reservations or other small areas shown in the population census?

The only geographic area types shown in the economic census are states, metro areas, counties, places (e.g., towns and cities) over a certain size threshold, and ZIP Codes.

Census 2000 is the only data set that provides employment by industry for tracts, block groups, townships, Indian reservations, Congressional Districts, and a variety of other specialized areas. Note that the data in Census 2000 are counts of residents of the block group employed in that industry. Economic census data are counts of persons who work in the specified area. (See the note on Census 2000 data by place of work under the next question.) Users should also recognize that economic census figures exclude most self-employed individuals and other "nonemployers".

Census 2000 detail in SF3 includes employment in each of the 18 NAICS sectors shown in the economic census, plus two more outside the scope of the economic census: agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting; and public administration. SF3 also includes some broader sector groupings not shown in the economic census. SF4 includes over 80 industry categories, typically corresponding to 3-digit NAICS, but with some quirky omissions. The SF3 and SF4 data are shown separately for males and females.

2002 Economic Census ZIP Code data included only 8 of the 18 sectors, and, include only counts of establishments by sales-size class. ZIP Code Business Patterns is another source of similar statistics by detailed industry.


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