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Where can I get data about public sector jobs to complement the data in the economic census?

The Census of Governments, conducted for the same years as the economic census, summarizes employment in state and local governments. Counts of federal employees by state (even-numbered years only) theoretically complete the picture. There is a small amount of overlap: the economic census includes state-run liquor stores (retail trade) and government-owned hospitals (health care and social services).

A special tabulation from Census 2000, the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP), shows employment numbers by sector by county, place, census tract, and traffic zone of work. The sector totals will include the agriculture and public administration sectors not included in the economic census, as well as the public school and social service agency employment not covered in the economic census or County Business Patterns.

For counties and cities of 100,000 or more population, the Census 2000 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) special tabulation shows detailed occupation by industry (generally 3-digit NAICS), including 13 categories outside the scope of the economic census.


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