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How do I find a Census tract code for a specific street address?

  • The Census Bureau offers an Address Search tool in the American FactFinder that allows users to enter an address and then view each level of Census geography, including tract, in which the address is located.  The American FactFinder uses the address ranges in the Census Bureauís MAF/TIGER database to geocode addresses.
  • If you are unable to locate your address using the American FactFinder tool, another option is the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Councilís (FFIEC) tool, which uses a commercial database to geocode.
  • Geocoding tools are only as good as the data that they use.  While the Census Bureau works continuously to update our street and address range data, it is possible that you will find errors or missing information.  The most definitive way to determine the Census tract for a street address is to view the location on a Census tract map.  Census tracts can be viewed interactively using our TIGERweb online mapping application.  We also offer tract reference maps in PDF format for download on our website.
  • At this time, the Census Bureau does not offer a tool for geocoding more than one address at a time.  However, we do offer a shapefile designed for geocoding using GIS software.  The shapefile is called the Address Range-Feature (addrfeat) shapefile and is available in the yearly sets of TIGER/Line Shapefiles, starting in 2011.

Questions and concerns should be directed to the Geographic Products Branch at or call (301) 763-1128.


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