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American FactFinder: Can I make modifications to the view of a table?

You can modify the view of a table by using the Modify Table button located in the Actions menu above the table.  With the Modify Table options, you can:

  • Collapse or expand data rows with the  ‘+’ or ‘-‘ options available for tables that have multiple data rows;
  • Filter to select which columns to display with the Filter icon located in the table’s boxhead;
  • Filter columns on a value with the Filter icon for a column in a table;
  • Reorder (rearrange) rows of a transposed table up or down with the arrow icons in a row of a table.
  • Reorder (rearrange) columns left or right with the arrow icons in a column of a table;
  • Select (show) or unselect (hide) rows and columns with the checkbox option in a table row or column header;
  • Sort rows by columns (by up to 3 multiple columns in ascending or descending order) with the ascending or descending arrow icon in a column header;

Transpose rows and columns with the Transpose rows and columns button located in the Table Tools menu above a table.  Note:  Table tool options depend on a table’s format.  All tools may or may not be available for any particular table.  To learn more about table modifications, view the Modify a Table Tutorial or visit Table Tools in the Help section.


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