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American FactFinder: How does American FactFinder display the label for block level data within a subbarrio?  (This applies to Puerto Rico 2010 Census Redistricting Data Summary File detailed tables only)

The 2010 Census Redistricting Data Summary File for Puerto Rico provides access to census blocks within a geographic hierarchy in two different ways:

  1. Summary level 750: State-County-Voting District/Remainder-County Subdivision- Place/Remainder-Census Tract-Block Group-Block
  2. Summary level 755: State-County-Voting District/Remainder-County Subdivision-Subminor Civil Division (Subbarrio) -Census Tract-Block Group-Block

When selecting tables that contain the block level data for either of these summary levels, American FactFinder displays the correct data for the block(s) in each geographic hierarchy, but labels the block(s) as follows:

Block, Block Group, Census Tract, County (Municipio), State (Puerto Rico)

The 750 Summary Level record is displayed in the results.  Code information for Summary Level 750 is available in detailed table G001.

Users of the Redistricting Data Summary File for Puerto Rico who need the block level code information for Summary Level 755 must download the Puerto Rico Redistricting Data Summary File using the FTP site.  


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