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American FactFinder: How do I find Economic Program data for a specific geography in Advanced Search?

There are over 11 million geographies available in American FactFinder for the different Census Bureau Programs, including the Demographic (Decennial Census, American Community Survey, etc.) and the Economic Programs (Economic Census, County Business Patterns, etc.). You can narrow your search for data in American FactFinder to only those with Economic Program specific geographies by selecting an Economic Progam dataset from Topics before you select a specific geography.

Example: To search for data for geographies included in the 2009 Business Patterns:

  • Select “Advanced Search” from the American FactFinder Main page.  If prompted, click “Show Me All;”
  • Next, click  the blue Topics option located on the left side of the page.  A list of Topic categories will display.  Expand the dataset category and select 2009 Business Patterns.
    • Business Patterns will move to "Your Selections." The Topics, Geographies, Industry Codes, and Search Results will update and will only display items that are applicable to the 2009 Business Patterns.

  • Close the “Topics” Search;
  • Click  the “Geographies” option located just below “Topics”
  • Use the Geographies, List, Name, Address, or Map tab options to select geographies that are available for the 2009 Business Patterns.
  • The Geography Results will be limited to only those geographies available for the 2009 Business Patterns dataset.  Once you make your geography selections, close the Geographies search option.
  • Select the data products/tables you would like to “View” or “Download” from the search results.
  • Note: You can download individual tables from the “View” option in various formats.  Downloads from the Search Results are limited to 10 data products at one time and are only available in a .CSV (comma-delimited) format.


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