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American FactFinder: What are the limits for downloading tables?

Download from Search Results (without viewing table):

  • Up to 10 tables at one time
  • Up to 50,000 geographies for a table
  • Up to 500,000 rows of data


  1. The sum of all cities or towns in the USA is less than 50,000 geographies.
  2. For downloads larger than 50,000 geographies or 500,000 rows, please use the ftp site.
  3. To download a table for only one geography or population group at a time, such as the Data Profiles, you can calculate the total number of rows in that table by multiplying the number of geographies or population groups by the number of rows in the table.  For example, a table that has ten rows and ten geographies is equivalent to 100 total rows.

Download from Table View:

  • Tables can be downloaded in
    • database-compatible (.csv) and
    • presentation-ready (.pdf, .rtf & .xls) formats.

Note:  Using the csv format, your Geographies will be on the “Y” Axis, i.e. left side of the table.

  • Limits for .pdf & .rtf formats are:
    • 5,000 columns and
    • 5,000 data rows.
  • Limits for .xls are:
    • 230 columns and 5,000 rows.
    • If the table has more than 230 columns, and fewer rows, select Modify Table to transpose rows and columns to conform to the .xls requirements.
  • Using the "View All" option, you can download up to 3 tables at one time in a pdf format.  The row and column limits are the same as above.
  • Using the Download button, you can only download the table you are viewing.  If the table is too large to download in a presentation-ready format, you will be prompted to download in a database-compatible (.csv) format.

Please check back for updates, as we upgrade download capabilities frequently.



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