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County Business Patterns: Where can I find data on Auxiliary Establishments?

In the 1998 - 2002 County Business Patterns (CBP) publications, corporate, subsidiary, and regional managing offices were tabulated in NAICS Sector 55. All other auxiliaries were tabulated in NAICS 95. Starting with the 2003 CBP publication, corporate, subsidiary, and regional managing offices are still published in NAICS Sector 55, but the other auxiliaries are tabulated in the industry of the service performed. These other industries included ten separate NAICS classifications, as listed in the auxiliary section of the 1997 Bridge Between NAICS and SIC [PDF] (refer to page 90 in the document).

In 1997 and earlier CBP data series, auxiliary establishments were excluded from SIC categories, but were reported as a separate data line for those counties where they were present.

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