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County Business Patterns: Are the summary total lines wrong?  Why does totaling the detailed lines not equal the published totals?

Summing up the column data at the detail level may count a single record multiple times.  County Business Patterns data is published according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). NAICS is a two- through six-digit hierarchical system used as the standard for classifying Federal statistics. Each digit in the code is part of a series of progressively narrower categories, and the more digits in the code signify greater detail. The first two digits designate the economic sector, the third digit designates the subsector, the fourth digit designates the industry group, the fifth digit designates the NAICS industry, and the sixth digit designates the national industry.

For this reason, the same record could appear multiple times in a table, since it will appear at different summary levels. For example, an establishment listed in NAICS 316110 is also part of NAICS 31611, 3161, and the manufacturing sector total. Adding all of these detailed lines together would result in a total many times greater than the actual number.

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