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County Business Patterns: What are statewide establishments?

The “Statewide” geography classification includes establishments with paid employees that lack a fixed location or those having an unknown county location within a state. The statewide classification is assigned to avoid distorting county-level totals. This is a small percentage of the overall total number of establishments within a state.

Before 2012 Economic Census, "Statewide" was modeled for data dissemination, including in American FactFinder, as separate, non-mappable geographic entities of the "county" type within a state.   This was confusing to some users because "Statewide" was not a county but appeared as a county.  For 2012 Economic Census, "Statewide" geography classification was modeled as a "geographic component", which is defined as a "portion of a geographic area".

For more information about geographic components, see existing FAQ 6589 .   To find data for "Statewide" geographic components in American FactFinder, select the Geographies Name selection in Advanced Search, check "Show Geographic Components" in the filter panel of the overlay, and enter the search term "statewide" in the text search box.


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