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Nonemployer Statistics: What industries are included or excluded from the Nonemployer Statistics data?

Most economic industries are represented in Nonemployer Statistics data. This includes approximately 450 NAICS industries. Nonemployer data are provided at a broader level of industry detail than employer data because coding is primarily self-classified information from businesses filing Internal Revenue Service tax forms. Other sources of industry classification are the Social Security Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Certain industries are excluded from Nonemployer data, which are: Crop and animal production; Management of companies and enterprises; Investment funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles; Private households; and Public administration. Not-for-profit organizations do not pay federal income tax and are also excluded for this reason.  

Select industries are automatically reclassified when they appear in the Nonemployer universe because businesses in these industries are assumed to require employees. Reclassified industries include:  New car dealers -- reclassified to Used car dealers; Department stores -- reclassified to General merchandise stores; Rail transportation -- reclassified to Support activities for transportation; Hospitals -- reclassified to Other ambulatory health care services; Oil and gas extraction (in areas without oil or gas production) -- reclassified to Other financial investment activities.


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