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Does the U.S. Census Bureau produce data on educational attainment?

The Census Bureau provides data on educational attainment from the following sources:

  • American Community Survey (ACS): Estimates for the United States, Puerto Rico, all states, Congressional Districts, and geographic areas of 65,000 or more are released annually in the ACS 1-year estimates.  3-year estimates are no longer produced but are available for populations of 20,000 or more for 2011-2013 and earlier. Data for geographic areas as small as census tracts and block groups are available annually from the ACS 5-year estimates.  Learn more about the ACS on our website and access our estimates via American FactFinder.

    • ACS 1-year 2014 Supplemental Estimates consist of 58 detailed tables tabulated on the 1-year microdata for geographies with populations of 20,000 or more. These supplemental estimates were released on American FactFinder (AFF) and the API on July 21, 2016, and are available for the same geographic summary levels as those in the ACS 1-year dataset.

  • The Current Population Survey (CPS).This survey collects annual data on educational attainment for the nation and from the CPS Data Tables, Products, and Reports as well as historical reports for the U.S. and states. The CPS report A Half-Century of Learning: Historical Statistics on Educational Attainment in the United States: 1940 to 2000 is also an excellent source of data.

  • 2000 Census of Population and Housing. Educational attainment are available for all geographic areas.  Our Census 2000 brief Educational Attainment: 2000PDF provides information at the national and state level, and also includes U.S. map showing county-level information. Additional data tables from the census are also available.

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