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What is  "OnTheMap"?

OnTheMap, a web-based mapping and reporting application, shows where people work and where workers live. It also provides companion reports on age, earnings, industry distributions, and local workforce indicators. 

OnTheMap provides an easy-to-use interface for creating, viewing, printing and downloading residence and workforce related maps, profiles, and underlying data. Based on annual worker origin and destination data and the Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) profile data files, OnTheMap is a unique resource for mapping the travel patterns of workers and identifying small-area workforce characteristics.

Use OnTheMap to get answers to these and other workforce, transportation, and economic development questions:

  • Where do workers live who are employed in a particular geographic area?
  • What are the workplace destinations for workers living in a particular community or neighborhood?
  • How do specific employment areas compare in terms of worker origin patterns, worker ages, annual earnings, and industry-sector employment? How are these areas changing over time?
  • How many jobs are located within five, ten, and twenty miles of a planned employment training center or transit stop?
  • How many workers live along a transit corridor and work downtown or in some other area along the same corridor?

The data used in this application are derived from payroll tax (Unemployment Insurance) payment records maintained by each state. The states assign employer locations, while workers' home locations are assigned by the Census Bureau using data from multiple Federal agencies. Age, earnings, and industry profiles are compiled by the Census Bureau from a state's records and are supplemented with other Census Bureau source data. Final compilations and confidentiality modeling is performed by the Census Bureau.


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