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Can the U.S. Census Bureau help me find information about my family's history?

Although censuses are a source of genealogical information, the Census Bureau does not provide these data nor can we assist in locating missing persons or provide recent information on individuals.  In keeping with the Census Bureau's commitment to confidentiality, information collected in the Decennial Census of Population and Housing on individuals does not become available to the public until after a period of 72 years.

Geneaology Tips will help amateur genealogists use census records to fill out their family tree.

You can access personal census records from the 1930 census and earlier through the U.S. National Archvies and Records Administration ( . Information on all aspects of how to do a genealogical search and National Archives locations are available.  The 1940 census records will be released to the public on April 2, 2012. 


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