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How do I get trade information (imports and exports) on a specific product?

In order to get trade information, you need to be able to correctly classify your product.  There are many ways to classify goods that are imported and exported.  In each of these systems, the products have specific commodity numbers that indicate various levels of detail.

All U.S. trade data is based on the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS), a series of 10-digit codes. These HTS codes fall under one of two categories: durable goods and non-durable goods. Browse our list of Schedule B export codes  or call our Commodity Analysis Branch to find your product codes.

Once you have the commodity codes, contact our Data Dissemination Branch to order a customized report.

NOTE on Internet availability: There is limited availability of trade data from our web site.  It is available free of charge via more general classification codes (SITC and NAICS).  The most detailed data is available through our Data Dissemination Branch and our online service, USATrade Online, for a fee.


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