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Do you have data on cellular and other wireless communications?

Yes, you have several options to consult. These industries are classified under the following  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code: 51, which includes print, broadcast, direct mail, telecommunications, and other information industries. This code will be useful to anyone searching our business web pages for information on industries.

  • The Census Bureau has released 13 industry reports based on the 2002 Economic Census, our most detailed data on information services. The Telecommunications report covers wireless and cellular service providers. For a list of businesses covered, please click here. We are currently releasing a set of state reports with data on industries within the state and its substate areas. The Economic Census has data on number of establishments, revenues, number of employees, payroll, product line revenues (e.g., mobile local access and use), concentration of firms, and more. These reports deal with establishments that have paid employees.
  • For annual data, you can consult County Business Patterns, which has data at the state and county level on number of establishments, number of employees, payrolls, and employment-size class (e.g., number of establishments with one to four employees). County Business Patterns data are published approximately 18 months after the close of the reference year.
  • For annual data on revenues and source of revenue (e.g., private health insurance), consult the Service Annual Survey.
  • Finally the Statistical Abstract of the United States, America's premier data book, has statistics on information services (such as number of cellular subscribers, average monthly bill, average length of call, etc.) from other sources; see section on "Information and Communications."


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