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I have some questions about the Automatic Export System (AES) Compliance Conference seminars and workshops.

What is the course overview? 

On the first day of the Automatic Export System (AES) Compliance Conference, you are given information regarding updates to legislation affecting foreign trade statistics regulations and your responsibilities under the laws. Key government officials teach about the new export regulations and the mandatory electronic filing for exporters.  

The next day, plan to attend one of the AES Compliance Conference Workshops to learn how to successfully report your Electronic Export Information using the Internet.

What general information do you have about location, cost, course objectives, registration form, etc.?

The price for the Seminar is $199 and the workshops are $60 each. Additionally, check out our training web site and agenda.

Do I have to attend both the seminar and the workshop?

No, you may attend one event or both events.  In addition, you do not need to attend both workshops since the content is the same for both.

Are you still accepting registrations? 

Yes, for most of the classes.  Check for details.

May I reserve a space? 

No, we process these in the order in which the order is received and approved.  If there is a problem with the order (incomplete or incorrect), which will delay the processing of your order and it may decrease the likelihood of your order being accepted.

What is your refund policy? 

Requests to cancel registration in Census Bureau Training courses will be honored in the following manner: 

  • Registrants must contact the training facilitator to request a credit/refund by faxing at (301) 763-0310.
  • All completed registrations will be subject to a minimum 15-percent administrative processing fee.
    • Refunds granted 30 or more days prior to the course will receive an 85-percent refund.
    • Requests 14-29 days before course will receive a 50-percent refund. 
    • No refunds will be issued for cancellations less than 14 days before the course.

What is your course cancellation policy? 

The Census Bureau reserves the right to cancel any course 30 days prior to the scheduled event if registrations do not meet the stated minimums. 

What does the registration fee include? 

  • All registration fees are based on local costs for conference space and services.
  • Registration fees include breakfast and lunch. Lodging is not included (seminars only).
  • Training materials and a certificate.

Whom should I contact about the course? 

To register:

  • Register online only.
  • For additional information about the course, including date, location, or itinerary, contact:
    • For standard registration questions or assistance, call (301) 763-2238 and select option 3.
    • For Regulations questions, call (301) 763-2238.
    • For AES questions, call (800) 549-0595.
  • To find out about future courses, return to the Question and Answer Center and enroll to be notified of announcements for new courses.

How soon can I find out if my registration has been confirmed?

We process these forms each morning (Mon-Fri).  You should receive an email confirmation that includes the order number, such as 1-1234567. If you do not receive the confirmation or a fax by 10:00 EST, please call  (301) 763-2238 and select option 3.



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