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What can I do with a trade data file where the values are separated by commas? 

The comma delimited file is designed to be imported into a database or a spreadsheet. Quotes (") are placed around any values meant to be text. Values without quotes are assumed to be numbers.  The commas tell the program where to split the columns (in spreadsheets) or variables (in databases). The first row of text is usually the names of the columns or variables.

  • Example: "0000000001","1220","10","KG",4000,5000
    • In this case, the variables (or columns) are named COMMODITY, COUNTRY, DISTRICT, UNIT OF QUANTITY, QUANTITY and VALUE. These names get associated with the values that come directly after them: COMMODITY = "0000000001"; COUNTRY = "1220", DISTRICT = "10"; UNIT OF QUANTITY = "KG", QUANTITY = 4000 and VALUE = 5000.

You can import these files into spreadsheets and databases. Consult your favorite application on how to import the file correctly, but most applications will guide you with an "Import Wizard" when you "Import" or "Open" the file. When prompted, only identify the comma (,) as the delimiter.


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