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Why am I receiving phone calls from the U.S. Census Bureau about the ACS?

Our telephone representatives attempt to call households to collect important survey information. If someone has contacted you about the American Community Survey and you would like to verify that the phone call you received was legitimate, you may call one of our call centers directly:

  • Hagerstown, MD: 1-800-392-6975
  • Jeffersonville, IN: 1-800-523-3205
  • Tucson, AZ: 1-800-642-0469

In order to collect the required American Community Survey (ACS) data, we use a multi-part strategy, including Internet, mail, telephone calls, and personal visits.

  • First, we send a letter to let you know your address has been selected for the ACS.
  • Then most respondents receive instructions to complete the ACS online. If the survey is not completed, we send you a replacement questionnaire in about two weeks.
  • If we still do not receive a completed survey, we may attempt to call you from one of our call centers. You may also receive a telephone call if you completed the survey, but clarification is needed on the information you provided.
  • If we cannot reach you by phone, we may send a Census interviewer to your address to complete the interview in person.

Telephone interviewers may attempt to call you after normal business hours when it is more likely you will be at home. 

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