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My living room and kitchen are in one big room. How do I count the number of rooms on the ACS?

When counting the number of rooms in a home for the American Community Survey (ACS), please count rooms separated by built-in archways or walls that extend out at least 6 inches and go from floor to ceiling. Include only whole rooms used for living purposes, such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, finished recreation rooms, family rooms, enclosed porches suitable for year-round use, etc.

DO NOT count bathrooms, kitchenettes, strip or pullman kitchens, utility rooms, foyers, halls, open porches, balconies, unfinished attics, unfinished basements, or other unfinished space used for storage.

Specific Concerns:

  • A pullman kitchen, also known as a strip kitchen, is a kitchen in which all cabinets, shelves, and facilities (such as the sink or refrigerator) are located against a single wall. This type of kitchen is most often found in small homes or apartments. Do not count a pullman kitchen as a separate room because it is not separate from other rooms of the house.

  • Partially divided rooms, such as a dinette next to a kitchen or living room is a separate room ONLY if there is a built-in partition or wall from floor to ceiling, but not if the partition consists solely of shelves or cabinets.

  • A combination living room/dining room would be considered a single room.


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