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How do I classify my product, locate the HS number and export commodity code for the Schedule B?

For help with import classification, you must contact your local customs office.  For exports, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Schedule B page, select "Search" underneath the heading "Schedule B Export Codes".
  2. Enter a keyword to describe your product.  Use no more than one or two words at a time.  You may need to try this part several times.  Be flexible; try different forms of the same word or synonyms. (For example, if "medicine" does not produce the desired results, try "medicament", instead.)
  3. The search engine retrieves HS descriptions and codes at the six-digit level.  Click on the corresponding code for the description that best matches your product.
  4. This brings you to the four-digit heading within the Schedule B chapter.  Read the heading description to make sure that you are looking in the correct area.
  5. Scroll down to the six-digit HS subheading and verify that the description is also appropriate.
  6. To locate your ten-digit Schedule B number, read through the descriptions under that subheading, paying attention to indentations and groupings.

For example, entering the keyword "software" pulls up 852431 through 852499, and clicking on the numbers brings you into Chapter 85 at heading 8524, where you can read through the descriptions under the suggested subheadings to find the right Schedule B number.

Please note that the Schedule B manual includes explanatory information such as Section Notes, Statistical Notes and Chapter Notes that should be examined to confirm the proper classification of your product.


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