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How do I "browse" the Schedule B code if not found in the the search engine?

Follow these steps to browse the Schedule B:

  1. From the Schedule B page, select "Browse" underneath the heading "Schedule B Export Codes".
  2. Choose the desired year.
  3. Scroll down the page to view the Table of Contents.
  4. Select a chapter.  The PDF format looks the best.
  5. Read the section and/or chapter notes at the beginning.  They often explain what is and is not covered within.
  6. Scrolling through the chapter, read and compare the four-digit headings.  Generally the headings toward the beginning cover more raw materials, those in the middle include unfinished and partly finished goods, and at the end, finished products and parts.
  7. Once you have determined your four-digit heading, compare the subsequent six-digit headings.
  8. Once you have determined your six-digit subheading, repeat the process to find your ten-digit Schedule B number.


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