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American FactFinder: What is the difference between the "B" and "C" detailed tables in the ACS?

Beginning with the 2005 American Community Survey data release, detailed tables may be displayed in two versions.  This is denoted by the “B” or “C” in front of the table number.

  • A “B” is used for base tables. These tables provide the most detailed estimates on all topics and for all geographies.

  • A "C" is used for a collapsed version of a "B" table. A "C" table is very similar to a "B" table with the same number (e.g., C07001 and B07001), but two or more lines from the "B" table have been collapsed to a single line in the "C" table. For example, the lines "75 to 79 years", "80 to 84 years", and "85 years and over" from a "B" table may be collapsed to a single line of "75 years and over" in a "C" table.

  • Not every "B" table has a collapsed version.

For more information on how the ACS tables are numbered, please see FAQ # 1687.


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