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How do I know if my Electronic Export Information (EEI)  has been processed?

After you submit your EEI, you will receive one of two responses from AES that indicates the status of your EEI.

  1. Your shipment has been processed successfully if the response contains "Shipment Added" or "Shipment Replaced" and an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) has been received (Sample ITN: X20051020123456).
  2. Your shipment has been rejected if the response contains:
    1. "Fatal Error(s),
    2. A 3-digit Fatal Error Message Number, and
    3. "Shipment Rejected Must Resolve and Retransmit"
  3. AESDirect users can verify their AES filing status by accessing the Shipment Reporting Section at or Shipment Status if you are using AESPcLink.

You will not be considered to have filed your EEI until you have received the ITN. If you did not receive any of the messages in 1) or 2) above, and could not retrieve the ITN using the Shipment Reporting Center, then please contact 800-549-0595 then press 1 to speak to an AES Client Representative for assistance.


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