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What is the format for the AES Proof of Filing Citation?

The formats for the AES Proof of Filing Citations are as follows.

  1. If you are filing Predeparture: Predeparture is reporting all of the export information (36 data elements) prior to departure/exportation.  All filers must report predeparture unless otherwise approved. Filers must use this option when exporting used vehicles, exporting shipments under State Department Licenses or DEA permit.

    For predeparture Proof of Filing Citations, you can use either of these two formats. However, the first format using the ITN is preferred.

    • "AES [Internal Transaction Number (ITN)] "AES X20060915000001"
    • "NDR AES [XTN (Filer's ID - Shipment Reference Number (SRN)]" 
      • "NDR AES 113456789-CARGO1If you are filing Postdeparture: Postdeparture is the reporting of all (36 data elements) of the export information by approved filers within 10 calendar days after departure.  Only USPPIs are approved for this option.
    • For postdeparture Proof of Filing Citations:
      • If Authorized Agent Files on behalf of USPPI
        • NDR AES4 [USPPI ID] - [Filer ID]
        • "NDR AES 4 11345678900-977654321"
    • If USPPI files directly to AES
      • NDR AES4 [USPPI ID]
      • "NDR AES4 11345678900"

For more information or other examples please refer to FTSR Letter No. 168 (Amendment 2).


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