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What is the Automated Export System (AES) filing process?


The Summarized AES Filing Process is as follows:

  1. File your Electronic Export Information (EEI) in AES or authorize an agent to file the EEI on your behalf. 
  2. Obtain a confirmation number (ITN) proving your EEI has been successfully transmitted
    • If an ITN was not returned, you must resolve whatever errors prevented its acceptance and retransmit the corrected record.
    • If a Verify Message is returned with your ITN, verify the data and correct and retransmit as necessary. If no correction is needed, you can disregard the verify message.
  3. Annotate your invoice, packing list, air waybill, truck bill or other commercial loading document with the AES Proof of Filing Citation.
    • Proof of Filing Citation Format:      "AES  [put ITN here]"
    • Proof of Filing Citation Example:    "AES  X20051020123456"
  4. Give your export shipment to the carrier with the annotated documents.
  5. If you discover that changes need to be made to the EEI, please amend the EEI or instruct your agent to amend the EEI and resubmit to AES.
  6. Keep a copy of the EEI on file for five years.


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