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How do I download AESPcLink?

AESPclink is free software based on AESDirect. AESDirect is a service provided by the U. S. Census Bureau to facilitate the electronic filing of SED (Shipper's Export Declaration) information. With AESPcLink you can complete your declarations offline and later upload them to AESDirect.

Getting Started

  • Step 1: Register and activate your AESDirect account  at
  • Step 2: Determine which AESPcLink application to use  (AESPcLink Standard Edition or            AESPcLink Network Edition).

    • AESPcLink Standard Edition is suitable for companies that:
      • Want easy installation and maintenance that requires no technical expertise
      • Have a relatively low volume of declarations, 1-10 declarations per week.
      • Have a small number of users, 1-3 users in the same office.
    • AESPcLink Network Edition is suitable for companies that:
      • Have an existing internal computer network to support the use of AESPcLink Network Edition software
      • Have a qualified network administrator available to install and maintain the software
      • Have a relatively large number of users
      • Generate a relatively high volume of shipments
      • Would like users to share shipping information in a manner that is easier than with AESPcLink Standard Edition
      • Would like to allow a user to access the queued shipments of all users
      • Would like to centrally control the access to AESDirect of multiple users in various locations.


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