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American FactFinder: Where can I find 1990 Census and earlier data?

Due to the extremely large file sizes, American FactFinder can only store data from the last two Censuses.  Currently, only the 2010 and 2000 Census data are available in American FactFinder. Prior Census year data is available as follows:

Publications, reports, and resources from the 1990 Census:

Reports from earlier Censuses (Prior to 1990):
Note: The reports on these sites do not include the full set of data that were published for the 1990 and 1980 Censuses.  The full set of data is available on our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site as noted below.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) datasets:
FTP is intended for experienced users of census data, zip files, and spreadsheet/database software.  Due to the size of the files, the FTP user should have a fast file transfer capability.  We are unable to provide one-on-one support for applications of the data to specific spreadsheets or data base software.  The FTP site is located here:

The Census Application Interface (API):
The Census API includes Summary Files 1 and 3 from the 1990 data.  The API is accessible to software developers through a stateless HTTP GET request.  Developers can find information on using the API here:


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